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For a deep, long-lasting stain, please follow the instructions below.


Before your appointment:

  • Exfoliate the area you wish to have the henna applied– this will remove excess dead skin cells ensuring a longer-lasting stain as the henna will be absorbed by younger skin cells that are not as likely to shed just yet.
  • Avoid lotions/moisturizers/oils just before your appointment as they may create a barrier between your skin and the henna paste, reducing the amount your skin can absorb.  If you moisturize heavily/daily it is recommended you refrain from doing so in the desired area for several days prior to your appointment to avoid skin being saturated by lotion/oils/etc. thus allowing for more henna to be absorbed resulting in a deeper, longer-lasting stain.

After your appointment:

           Before removing paste:

  • Keep paste on as long as possible(at least 8-12 hrs recommended)
  • After paste has dried, apply a lemon sugar sealant if desired
  • Practice careful movements
  • Keep warm – this will help with further dye release

            After removing paste:

  • Avoid washing off paste with water- instead, scrape it off
  • Avoid water for at least 8 hours



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