Mehndi | Henna


Minneapolis Mehndi & Henna is a Home Visit Service – We travel to our clients.

This system keeps our prices affordable and reduces accidents/smudging as clients are already in the comfort of their own home.

Individual pricing


Small or Simplistic                         $15+    (ex. wrist, ankle. hand)

Med or Moderate Intricacy          $25+    (ex. forearm, feet)

Large or Very Intricate                  $45+  (ex. legs, chest, side)

Pricing subject to change following final assessment(before work begins)

**Travel Charges May Apply

If you would like a quote, you may send an image of what you would like to our Facebook page messenger, via email to or text to (612)460-1983.

Please consider the guide below in gauging pricing in relation to size & intricacy

Henna Hands

Group Pricing

All Group Pricing requires a one hour minimum

Flash Tattoo available for groups at additional charge.

$70+/hr Small groups or children’s parties(12 yrs and below; nail color available upon request at no additional charge!)  *$35/ half hour additional after the first hour

$90+/ hr Large groups : Bridal shower/Mehndi night, school or club celebration, girl’s night, etc.*$45/ half hour additional after first hour

$110+/hr Company events, large bat mitzvah, School event/dance, etc.*$55/ half hour additional after first hour

Times below indicate how long it would take to complete a design similar to the one pictured.

5 4 3 1

**Travel Charges May Apply

Specialty Pricing

All Specialty Pricing requires a one hour minimum

$90+/ hr Blessing Belly : Most belly designs average 1-2 hrs regardless of setting (private setting v.s. party setting).  This rate also covers all members of the party(blessingway and baby shower attendees/guests, family members for pregnancy photoshoot, etc.)

Belly 1Belly 2Belly 3






$90+/ hr Bridal Mehndi : Full traditional bridal designs(fingers up to elbows, both sides of arms, feet and legs) typically average 4-6 hrs depending on size/intricacy and setting(personal setting v.s. party setting).  Modern or less intricate designs typically average 1-3 hrs.  This rate also covers members of the bridal party and guests of the mehndi night.

img_0112 Bridal 2 Bridal 1

**Travel Charges May Apply

Additional Artist

All requests/bookings for an additional artist are subject to availability and requires a one hour minimum

Additional Artist Fee $90/ hr

Example: Bridal Mehndi booking with an additional artist =

$90(base price) + $90(addt’l artist fee) = $180/hr